Exposure of the body to the SOLARIUM is more than tanning. It can trigger a series of beneficial biological effects, but on condition that you use correctly solarium. For this reason you should take serious note of the following general protection guidelines and the specific guidelines of each machine.
Caution HUV - radiation can cause damage to the eyes and skin.

1. If been present with skin diseases, before use of solarium consult dermatologist.

2. If you are taking medication you need before using the solarium to ask your doctor. There are drugs that have as a side effect of the sensitivity of skin to ultraviolet rays. If no attention, this may result in burns or photoallergic skin reactions.

3. If the natural sunbathing presented skin reactions you should not make use of the solarium.

4. If you see the skin irritation and blisters, you should immediately see your doctor.

5. Always wear protective glasses.

6. Do not use solarium wearing cosmetics.

7. Do not use sunscreen.

8. Determine your skin type and display times solarium, reading the manual form. The children should not use solarium.

9. If you make use of the solarium in maximum exposure times, should not be exposed more than fifty times (solarium & sun) year. Generally you should not make use of solarium more than 100 times a year


Oxygenplus offers relaxation ways such as sauna. The heat of the sauna will help you relax after an intense workout, resting muscles and reducing the grip. It is also an effective way to strengthen good blood circulation.
It is a method that is used for relaxation, while opens the pores and cleans the skin from salts.
The temperature within the SAUNA is between 80-100 degrees. Created by heated stones. Throwing water on the stones, water condensation and thus the temperature rises.

·         One or two visits a week is enough.

·         The dwell time in the sauna should not exceed 10 minutes. This time is sufficient for the properties offer and iterations not benefit anything more that day.

·         Not recommended sauna before exercise.

·         Required is a warm shower before and after use (no cold shower after a sauna, because the sudden change of temperature creates vasoconstriction and vasodilatation, that problem in the bloodstream).

·         Do not take with you to the sauna valuables or any other metal objects such as keys, because they are heated too.

·         Do not pour too much water on the stones to be proper operation of the sauna.

·         Do not forget to close the door because it is causing problems in its operation.

Solarium - Sauna