Pilates Reformer

Pilates is a unique type of exercise that combines strength and flexibility.
The founder of Joseph H. Pilates (1880 - 1967), used to say that was 50 years ahead of its time and was right considering the success of this programm today in America, and Europe.

Mr. Pilates focused on the center of the body that is in the belly and called "powerhouse". All exercises in Pilates technique made with emphasis on activation powerhouse. The result is impressive! The abdominal and especially the vertical muscle - the deepest layer of abdominal muscles - become stronger too. 

At the same time strengthens and the back so people are exempt from chronic spinal problems (back - neck).

He use to say: "After 10 Pilates sessions you feel the difference and after 20 sessions you can see the difference. After 30 sessions you have a new body!"

Who can do Pilates;

·         All those who want to perfect their performance at various sports (tennis, squash, jogging, golf, swimming,           etc.), but also musicians, actors and dancers.

·         All those who have a chronic problem in the spine or in rehabilitation period from an injury or fracture.

·         All those who want to gain right and balanced muscle tone, without volume.

Teaching aims to restore and maintain health, wellness and strength of body and spirit.

10 Reasons to try Pilates method

1.    Learn something new! Who knows you might like it!
2.    To look and feel better, and younger too!
3.    Get rid of your pain or reduce it.
4.    Improve your skills at  your favourite sport.
5.    Wear pants three sizes of less in  three months.
6.    Defeat the stress.
7.    Try an exercise for your mind and body.
8.    For better sex.
9.    Learn exactly what is the reformer.
10. Do something good for yourself and your loved ones.