Power plate

10 MINUTES are enough to gain a perfect body!

The advanced fitness technology universally prevails in recent years is now a reality for Greece. It changes completely the fitness way causing a revolution in the field of FITNESS, beauty, wellness and antiaging.


The basic principle of training using vibration we owe the Russian astronautics. Applied for maintenance of muscles of cosmonauts. And it was successfull! In this way the Russians were able to make the record of 420 days stay in space. The Americans cosmonauts who trained with modern fitness machines were forced to resign after 120 days due to muscle atrophy.

As an alternative to the lack of gravity Russian scientists presented their workout using vibration. They create through a plate of vibration, oscillations which are transmitted to the body and the muscular system and cause muscle stretch reflex. The result is optimal perfusion. Tendons dilate and even the muscles that are deeper, such as the musculature of the pelvic ground spine and this facial strengthen through reflex activation.Without having additional weight and without overburdening the kinetic system the evolved and different vibration types improve physical fitness strength and wellness whether top athletes or untrained, elderly or overweight people.


•Rapid muscle growth: 100% training of all muscle fibers in all muscle groups! The power and strength increases significantly

•Huge time savings: with the simultaneous excitation of a large number of muscle groups are reached within 10 minutes the same result would be achieved by 1 ½ hours of effort training.

•Increasing mobility: the strong blood supply, heating and stretching reflex tendons cause releasing elasticity inventories and cramps disappear

• Improving coordination: The simultaneous excitation of the sensors over the whole body improves intramuscular coordination while practicing reflexes and sense of balance, which improved immediately.

•Activation of blood circulation: In exercising the vibration platform is powered by muscle with blood up to 50 times per second, which extends to smaller vessels. This transferred faster the nutrients while removing the damaging. The result is a faster regeneration.

•Increased fat burning: the metabolism is increased thanks to training in vibration platform resulting in improved fat burning process and therefore to increased metabolism and decreased the fatty tissue layers.

•More strength: by improving the musculature are activated more strongly and become more efficient all the systems that supply the body with nutrients and with them and the heart.

•Cellulite: the massage with the vibration platform reliever cramps degrades fat cells and leads to the better mobility of tissue layers. The cellulite reduction in combination with the reconstruction of connective tissue significantly improves the image of the skin. The musculature of the face is exercised while also collagen fibers stored.

10-20 minutes per session are equal 60-90 minutes with weight lifting!

It is your own choice  how you take advantage of your  leisure time.


Power plate