T R X : suspension training

Although a few years in Greece the TRX suspension training, has already gained fanatics who now choose to exercise with the straps. The original idea comes from an American Marine who was looking for a way workout that could be done in the cabin of the ship serving. Hanging a zone from a high point managed to create a series of exercises for the whole body. H idea of the band evolved to workout straps TRX (Total-body Resistance Exercise).

The main advantage of this method is that everyone can workout all the body with any intensity he wants, wherever located. The system adapts to a fixed point, includes two straps with handles for hands and feet, so that they run many different combinations of exercises. TRX gives us the ability to take advantage of the weight of our body and changing the slope to increase or decrease the burden.
Perhaps the 'bodyweight' 'it does not seem enough, but ... think about it just for a second .... is there any exercise in the gym where you can lift your weight? For most probably not.
Another very significant differentiation compared to standard-known exercise methods are functional training (functional training), which becomes with TRX. The exercises are approaching the daily movements of the human body, made in three dimensions, thus taking part several muscle groups so the training becomes more effective.
The exercises are simple or more complex and in a great variety . There are almost 300 different exercises with lead both the trainee not affects the other's body to perform better.
A beginner needs indeed the supervision trainer and an experienced trainee things are easier.
TRX can be used by everyone, regardless of gender and age and make your training more interesting and effective.


10 Best TRX Exercises: Total Body Suspension Training Circuit:

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