Targeted accelerating the burning of fat

During aerobic exercise, a large quantity of blood moved through the capillaries in the muscles. But as you know, cellulite is quite far from the muscle tissue where fat cells can be burned with hyperemia.
By exercising in the capsule Vacumove, problem areas buttocks / thighs / belly are longer in underpressure.
Practically speaking someone can easily to determine whether it after aerobic exercise,by simply contacting the difference in temperature regions with muscular tissue and areas with severe cellulite problem .The areas with cellulite are clearly colder which indicates that the area is not properly blood supplied.
So what does the vacuum?

1. pumps blood vessels from the muscles to the skin

2. forcing them to penetrate into the fatty tissue

3. disrupting in this way the cohesion and structure

The greater the hyperemia in muscle tissue with simultaneous aerobic exercise, the more blood is present there to be pumped.

So by exercising at vacuum

We achieve maximum results from our efforts as the blood is led in areas that really need it.
Besides aerobic exercise with extra weight develops the muscular system and the ideal line is formed.