Youth Club

The new fitness program.
Exclusively for young girls 14-25 year old. the concept is simple. We created a club full of privileges and gifts

Option 1
For young girls 14 to 25 year old have the option of subscription to 30/09/2015 with 99 €. The amount of this assistance is not changed but has fix expiration date regardless of the date of registration in the gym. So the earlier you register the more many months use the gym without additional cost.
The subscription of 99 € has all of the following privileges youth club. the card of Easy wellnes club is given to you and valid until the end of your subscription on 30/09/2015. The subscription of 99 € must be paid no later than 30 days from the start and the first installment can not be less than
100 €.
Besides the low cost the youth club is full of privileges and presents for members.

  •          Follow up all hall courses of Oxygen plus.
  •          Individual fitness program to achieve your goal.
  •          Monthly fat measurement and physical evaluation (wellness test) totally free
  •          Nutritional advice from specialized staff.
  •          Special discounted rates at all the other Services of Oxygen plus. (hairdresser, nails, waxing, massage,              solarium, photolisi plus, cavitation, slimming, cellulite, facial cosmetic, pilates, power plate, vacumove            and more)
  •          Possibility to bring 2-3 friends per month - after concertation - to try the gym for free. If eventually your          friends enroll in Youth club there is immediate profit for you 20 € in FACILITIES for each friend.
  •          Discounted rates to companies cooperating in Corfu.
  •          Gifts and surprises to all members of Youth club with continuous email newsletter and contact.

Option 2
On registration only 60 € and a monthly fee 19,99 € enjoy unlimited gym Oxygen plus forever. Any interruption of the program requires reregistration!

How do we become members of Youth club with the second option;
Simply by credit or debit card through the site of! If you enable this process can be done in the gym, when you provide your card.

Verification of your name and age is considered necessary in order to be valid the plan.


Γυμναστική εως 30/6 ΜΟΝΟ με 119

Γυμναστική με 19,99€ κάθε μήνα + εγγραφή 60€

Γυμναστική με 19,99€ κάθε μήνα

(πληρωμή της εγγραφής στο χώρο μας)