Oxygen Scan - body evaluation

Oxygen plus presents a new and innovative Oxygen Scan service. It is a 20 minute personal evaluation-measurement (numerical scores based on indicators and short scientific questionnaire) by experts in oxygen plus.

This assessment will show your level of fitness, you will appreciate your eating habits and you will see how well you feel in your personal life. Furthermore, scientific collaborators of oxygen plus will guide you, based on your personal score, personalized solutions in personal progress, health and wellness.

The Oxygen Plus features full body diagnosis diagnostic measuring basal metabolism test in conjunction with test fat measurement, specialized diagnostic for cellulite and tests that constitute the database, based on which the creation of personal program for the conquest of the ideal weight and engraving personalized strategy losing kilos.

In detail the resaults of the measurement are:

* Weight
* Indicator BMI
* BMR (Estimate)
* Fat%
* Fat Mass
* Fatless Mass
* Total Body Fluids
* Desirable Body Fat Range
* Departmental Information Body Fat

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Body Scan